The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The regime helicopters drop dozens of barrel bombs on the Eastern Ghouta, while the regime forces target the countryside of Daraa

Rif Dimashq Province:

The number of barrel bombs dropped on the city of Darayya in the Western Ghouta has risen to 40. The helicopters also dropped barrel bombs on the city of M’addamiyyat al- Sham in the Western Ghouta and on Khan al- Shih area, its camp and its farms.


The regime forces shelled places in the two cities of Douma and Erbin as well as the towns of Zamalka, Hammoriyyah, Zibdin, Deir al- Asafir and Kafar Batna in the Eastern Ghouta.


Warplanes believed Russian carried out more airstrikes on the city of Douma and the town of al- Nashabiyya in the Eastern Ghouta, information about casualties.


Daraa Province:

Violent clashes took place between the regime forces and allied militiamen against the rebel and Islamist factions around the town of Na’imah, accompanied by shelling the town by the regime forces.


The regime forces arrested 4 citizens from the town of Qita, including 2 brothers, and dragged them to unknown place. They also shelled places in the town of Ibta’.


A woman died due to fall of shells launched by the Islamist factions in Daraa al- Mahattah.