The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Warplanes kill 30 civilians in airstrikes on a popular market in the town of Maskanah

Aleppo Province:

Warplanes carried out airstrikes on the village of Tal Ajjar in the northern countryside of Aleppo leading to kill at 2 citizens.


Violent clashes are taking places between IS against the rebel and Islamist factions around the village of Harbel in the northern countryside of Aleppo.


The number of civilians who were killed in the airstrikes carried out on popular market in IS-held town of MasKanah in the eastern countryside of Aleppo has risen to at least 23, including 5 women, while reliable sources in formed SOH activist that 4 IS militants killed in this attack.


Damages caused by shelling the neighborhood of al- Mashhad in the city of Aleppo.