The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

353 civilians killed while about 1000 others wounded in 2 weeks of escalating airstrikes by the Russian and regime air forces

SOHR could document the death of 353 Syrian citizens due to the airstrikes carried out by the regime and Russian air forces since December 1, 2015 until the 15th of the same month, 94 children and 60 women among the civilians killed in these airstrikes which left material damages in people’s properties. In addition, the airstrikes left about 950 injuries, including dozens of children and women. The death toll also contains about 70 civilians, including 18 children and 15 women, killed by the Russian airstrikes on several areas in the provinces of Syria.


It is noted that the airstrikes led to wound and kill dozens of fighters of Jabhat al- Nusra, IS, the rebel and Islamist factions.