The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

At least 12 civilians killed in the airstrikes on the city of al- Raqqa, while 5 soldiers in the regime forces killed in Deir Ezzor

Al- Raqqa Province:

The number of civilians who were killed due to carrying out dozens of airstrikes on places in the city of al- Raqqa has risen to 12, including at least 2 children and 2 women. Suspected US-led coalition warplanes carried out several raids on the village of al- Shrad near the town of Ayn Easa northwest of al- Raqqa.


Deir Ezzor Province:

Sound of firing heard in the neighborhood of al- Jourah caused by firing by the regime forces in the funeral of 5 victims in the regime forces, where they were killed in the ongoing clashes with IS around the airbase of Deir Ezzor. Information also reported that IS detonated 2 booby-trapped vehicles around the airbase, information about more casualties on both sides.