16 explosive barrels target Ma'damia al-Shamand continued clashes in Dar'a • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

16 explosive barrels target Ma’damia al-Shamand continued clashes in Dar’a

Reef Dimashq province:A man from Bait Sahm was killed by a sniper in the town’s farmlands, activists accused regime forces in killing him. No less than 16 explosive barrels were dropped on Ma’damya al-Sham, no reports of losses.

Dar’a province: Clashes took place between regime forces and rebels in Inkhel town amid regime’s bombardment on the area. A number of people were wounded by regime’s bombardment on Ebta’ town. Areas of Tal Shehab were also exposed to bombardment by regime force,s no reports of losses.