The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The “Islamic State” inform a family in al-Mayadin that their fighter boy blew himself up in the countryside of Tal Abyad.

Deir Ezzor Province:
Regime’s warplanes bombed areas in the villages of Al Jufrah and al-Mri’eyyeh and the area around Deir Ezzor airbase, also warplanes carried out raid on area in the neighborhood of al-Hwiqa in Deir Ezzor, in conjunction with bombing places in factories area north of the city, and there were no information about casualties, while the activists of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights were informed that the organization of “Islamic state” informed the family of a boy under the age of 18 from al-Mayadin city in the eastern countryside Deir Ezzor that he blew himself up in the countryside Tal Abyad city located in the north of Al-Raqqah during clashes against YPG fighter and the factions which control the area. This child fighter is the second child from the city of al-Mayadin in the ranks of the organization who blew himself up in the past few weeks.