The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More civilians killed in Rif Dimashq, while a shell lands on the center of Damascus wounding a child

Rif Dimashq Province:

2 brothers from the town of Kanaker killed under torture inside the regime jails. A man from the town of Madaya died due to the poor healthy condition and shortage of food and medicines.


Information reported that 2 men killed due to shelling the town of Khan al- Shih in the Western Ghouta by the regime forces which also shelled places in the town of al- Keswah and Jrud al- Qalamoun, no information about casualties.


The violent clashes between the regime forces, backed by NDF, Hezbollah and allied militiamen of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities against Jabhat al- Nusra the rebel and Islamist renewed in Marj al- Sultan town in the Eastern Ghouta, conflicting information about advancement for the regime forces towards the farms around the town.


Damascus Province:

Sound of explosion heard in al- Abbasiyyin area at the entrance of the capital caused by fall of a rocket shell on the area leading to wound a child.