The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Zahran Alloush along with several leaders and members of Al-Islam Army (Jaish al-Islam) were killed after targeting their meeting in the Eastern Ghouta by warplanes 

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was informed by leading sources in Al-Islam Army that Zahran Alloush the commander of Al-Islam Army was killed with five other the leaders of Al-Islam Army (one of them is a security leader), also eight other members of Al-Islam Army were killed and other fighters and leaders were injured seriously in the bombing by warplanes -but it is unknown whether they were Russian or regime’s warplanes-, the violent airstrikes targeted their meeting in al-Marj are in the Eastern al-Ghouta, during the preparations for an attack on sites for the Lebanese Hezbollah and the regime forces, while other sources confirmed that Zahran Alloush and the leaders of the Army of Islam They were not killed today, but they were killed yesterday in the raids that targeted using four missiles the meeting of Al-Islam Army in area between Saqba and Douma in the Eastern Ghouta.