The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

About 40 victims killed in Jabhat al- Nusra’s attack on Bashkoy, Handarat and Dweir al- Zaytoun in the northern countryside of Aleppo

Aleppo Province:

Violent clashes are still taking place between the regime forces and allied militiamen against Jabhat al- Nusra, the rebel and Islamist factions around the villages of Handarat, Bashkoy and Dweir al- Zaytoun in the northern countryside of Aleppo, amid suspected Russian airstrikes on the engagement areas and dropping barrel bombs on the village of Bashkoy that led to kill at least 21 fighters of Jabhat al- Nusra and the Islamist factions, including a commander, as well as the death of 17 soldiers and militiamen in the regime forces while dozens wounded. Other clashes took place between the same parties in Jam’iyyat Joud near the town of al- Zahraa, amid shelling the two towns of Nobbol and al- Zahraa by the factions. In addition, the violent clashes between the Operation Room of Fateh Halab against the regime forces, backed by NDF, are still taking place on the outskirts of the two neighborhoods of al- Khaldiyya and Bani Zeid as well as in Shihan Roundabout and al- Leramoun areas north of Aleppo.


The regime forces shelled places in the neighborhoods of Bab al- Naser and Bab al- Hadid in the center of Aleppo, while shells landed on the regime-held neighborhoods of Bab al- Faraj, Tishreen Street, al- A’zamiyyah, Shihan and Seif al- Dawlah in the city of Aleppo leading to wound some people. The rebel and Islamist factions targeted gatherings for the regime forces in the Artillery School in the southern countryside of Aleppo, information about casualties on the regime forces’ ranks.


Warplanes believed Russian carried out several raids on a hospital areas in the town of Hraytan in the northern countryside of Aleppo, followed by dropping barrel bombs on the town that led to kill at least a person while others wounded, including some members in the medical staff of the hospital, information that the hospital became out of service as a result of this attack.


A leader of a battalion in a rebel division in the southern of Aleppo killed after he was wounded due to targeting his car by an IED on Aleppo – Damascus highway days ago.