The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

IS attacks YPG positions in Jabal Abdulaziz area, while clashes leave casualties in Ayn al- Arab (Kobani) and the southern countryside of al- Hasakah

Al- Hasakah Province:

Clashes took place between YPG and IS in Jabal Abdulaziz area, where IS attacked YPG positions in the two areas of Kherbet Hanash and Soraqah in Jabal Abdulaziz area in the western countryside of al- Hasakah city, information about victims on YPG ranks.


SOHR documented the death of 3 YPG fighters, one of them died in clashes in the southern countryside of Ayn al- Arab (Kobani) while the 2 others died due to targeting them the southern countryside of al- Hasakah city.