The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

50 Russian airstrikes target Shekh Meskin and Executions in Der-Ezzor

Dar’a province: Rose to 50 the number of Russian airstrikes which targeted Shekh Meskin town amid clashes between regime forces and Islamic battalions around Shekh Meskin. Regime forces bombarded areas of Nawa, Aqraba, al-Taiha, Sakaka, al-Harak, and al-Dara.

Der-Ezzor province: A woman and a child were killed by aerial bombardment targeted al-Miadin city. The IS informed the family of a rebel fighter that he was executed in the charge of al-Raqqa after detaining him for 2 months by the IS. Sources reported to SOHR that the IS executed a man in al-Miadin city in the charge of insulting the name of Allah.