The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Awaiting in Madaya city for the humanitarian aids after a starvation crisis

It is awaiting for the food air vehicles to enter the besieged town of  Madaya near Zabdani, SOHR was informed that operators are from international organizations and it is awaiting for the regime permission. 

SOHR was also informed by chef in an international organization that they are facing difficulties to deliver the food aids to civilians in areas controlled by the regime and besieged by IS in Der-Ezzor city due to the military operations around the city, and the last packed of aids was entered 6 months earlier, but sometimes it is possible to enter health and medical aids to these areas, amid targeting the areas with shells continuously leading to the death of dozens and wounding many others. 

People of Madaya city are still starving to death since 177 days due to the strict siege by regime forces and Hezbollah, the city contains 40,000 people including 20,000 civilians who fled their houses in Zabdani which witnessed violent clashes and heavy bombardment by regime forces and air forces. 

SOHR observed hundreds of landmines planted by Hezbollah and al-Assad forces around Madaya city in addition to cutting the city off the surrounding areas by barbed wires and high wires to prevent any stealing in or out operations, the city contains 1200 chronic medical conditions, and 300 children suffering malnutrition and different medical conditions, amid sharp lack of medical and food supplies what caused a dramatic rise in the prices of food supplies, 1 kg of sugar or rice costs 3600 SP which is about 90 USD, SOHR documented the death of 17 civilians including women and children due to the lack of food and medicine, or by landmines, and snipers during attempts to gather food around the town.

Regime forces and Hezbollah is using Madaya as a pushing card to break the siege of Kafria and al-Fouaa towns which are inhabited by Shia in Idlib countryside and contain 5000 militants allied to the regime, NDF, and Hezbollah, after the failure to use al-Zabdani as a first card, The regime refused all the mediations to set Madaya free, in the return 120 rebels will leave the city.