The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Casualties in the aerial bombardment on in the Eastern Ghouta and Gunmen kill a young man in the countryside of al-Suwaidaa and bombing the countryside of Daraa

Rif Dimashq Province:
Three civilians (one of them is a child girl) was killed when regime’s warplanes bombed areas in the town of Hazrma in the Eastern Ghouta, while the regime forces targeted positions for the “Islamic State” in Qara in al-Qalamoun area, no information about casualties.*


Daraa Province:
The regime forces targeted using the fire of machineguns places in the road connecting the towns of Sheikh Meskin and Abtaa in the countryside of Daraa, the regime forces also shelled areas in the town of Tafas in Daraa countryside, no information about injuries.*


Al-Suwaidaa Province:
Unidentified gunmen assassinated a person in al-Rashida village in the countryside of al-Suwaidaa, where he was killed in the shooting and then they stole his car and fled away.*