The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The northern countryside of Aleppo is witnessing renewed clashes between the factions against the “Islamic State” and shelling the eastern and southeastern countryside

Aleppo Province:
The regime forces bombed areas in al-Bab city and town of Deir Hafer in the eastern and northeastern countryside of Aleppo, also SOHR received information about shelling by the Turkish forces for places where a medical point for the “Islamic State” is,  in the town of al-Ra’ei in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo at Syrian border Turkish, while clashes took place between the rebel and Islamic Factions against the organization in the vicinity of the villages of Qarrah Kobri and Qarrah al-Mazra’a in the northern countryside of Aleppo, which inured several ISIS members and information about casualties in the ranks of both parties, also a missile believed to be ground-to-ground landed on area in Jubaila neighborhood in the old city of Aleppo which injured a child at least, and damaged property of citizens, while warplanes believed to be Russian targeted areas in the neighborhood of Masaken Hanano in the city of Aleppo which damaged proprieties.