The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The intensive aerial bombardment continue on areas in the southern countryside of Hama and missile strikes on Darayya

Hama Province:
Two members from the regime forces were killed in the ongoing clashes between the rebel and Islamic Factions and Jabhat Al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Levant) against the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them on the outskirts of Hirbnafsah village in the southern countryside of Hama at the administrative border with Homs north, and on the road between it and between the villages in its surroundings in an attempt to control it, amid dropping more barrel bombs by regime’s helicopters on areas in the village, accompanied by continued raids by warplanes believed to be Russian on areas in Hirbnafsah, while the Islamic factions targeted using several shells a tank for the regime forces in the area which damaged it, also the regime forces continued shelling the clashing areas, also regime’s warplanes carried out several raids on places in the eastern countryside of Hama, while warplanes believed to be Russian carried out raids on areas in Talaf village in the southern countryside of Hama, in conjunction with the dropping more barrel bombs on areas in the village by regime’s helicopters, no information about casualties yet.


Rif Dimashq Province:
The regime forces launched 2 missiles on the city of Darayya believed to be ground-to-ground, no information about casualties.