The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The “Islamic State” reduce the salaries of its fighters and resentment in the ranks of its Syrian members

The activists of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in the city of Al-Raqqah were informed that the “Islamic State” changed the salaries of its fighters and members, and the activists of the Observatory in the city were informed by of several intersecting sources that a situation of resentment prevails among the Syrian members in the organization, after reducing their salaries, where the Syrian ISIS fighters are afraid that this reduction of salaries came according to the desire of the organization’s leadership to raise the wages of Arab and foreigner fighters at the expense of the local fighters, also the activists of the Observatory were able to monitor the impact of the members’ salary reductions on the market, where several reliable sources confirmed to the activists of the Observatory that after months of the effect of ISIS members on the market and increasing its movement by buying food and other stuff, the members themselves are beginning to borrow money, the members were referring that their income is declining, which weakened their purchasing power.