The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Aerial bombardment and continued clashes in Aleppo

Aleppo province: Clashes took place after midnight between regime forces and Islamic battalions around Bani Zaid neighborhood amid targeting the area with shells. Russian warplanes raided Kafarnaha and Khana al-Asal, and other areas controlled by the IS in al-Bab city, Der Hafir, and Tadif, reports of killing 5 civilians in al-Bab city. Calshes took place between regime forces and Islamic battalions around Bashkwi village and Shekh Najjar. Areas of Tal Masibin were exposed to bombardment by regime forces, no reports of losses. Clashes took place between IS and regime forces around Ayash village north of Kweres military airport amid aerial bombardment on the area, reports of advances for the IS.