About 440 killed and executed during the past 5 days in Der-Ezzor • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

About 440 killed and executed during the past 5 days in Der-Ezzor

The northern western section of Der-Ezzor city and al-Baghilaia area are still witnessing violent clashes between regime forces and IS since the Jan/16 amid heavy bombardment by regime forces and aerial bombardment leading to more human losses in both sides, 200 soldiers were killed including 48 were executed, while no less than 110 IS were killed during the same period 30 of them detonated themselves with cars and belts. Sources reported to SOHR that the IS was observing the area and waiting for the sand storm in order to perform its massive attack and take control on al-Baghilia area, Ayash, and al-Saeqa camp, as it took control on the private university of al-Jazeera, farmlands around Der-Ezzor city, and al-Hajif strategic hill and seizing large amount of weapons.

SOHR activists were informed that the IS released no less than 270 detainees of the 400 who have been kidnapped in the 16th of Jan in al-Baghilia area in Der-Ezzor city, the 270 included children under the age of 14, women, and men above the age of 55. Confirmed reports that the IS will investigate the rest and whoever was dealing with regime forces will be attending a Shariaa course. The IS also arrested 50 men during raids in al-Baghilia.

The aerial bombardment and artillery bombardment killed 42 civilians including 9 children and 4 women in Der-Ezzor, The IS killed a woman and a child by targeting regime controlled areas in Der-Ezzor city with rockets.

Since the beginning of 2015, the IS imposing a strict siege on the neighborhoods of al-Jora, al-Qosour, Harabish, and al-Baghila which are controlled by the regime in Der-Ezzor. The Siege started by preventing food and medical aids from entering these neighborhoods, what rose the prices of the food and supplements, 250,000 civilians are suffering the lack of food and aids amid wide migration of civilians toward the surrounding areas due to the military operations and heavy bombardment.


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