The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russian experts arrive to Kweires military airport to study the ability of using it as an airbase, and await for using al-Qameshly Airport in the military operations


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that a team of Russian experts consists of more than 15 experts and militarily arrived at Kweires military airport, located in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, which the regime forces backed Hezbollah and Iranians fighters and other fighters from Syrian, Arab and Asian nationalities were able to expand its control over the vicinity of the airport, in order to evaluate the possibility of using it as an airbase for the takeoff and landing of Russian warplanes in the military operations on the Syrian land, where it is difficult to be used for the time being, because its runway and facilities inside it need maintenance.


While it is expected that the Russian warplanes will start in the coming days and weeks to use al-Qameshly Airport, which has become ready for takeoffs and landings of the warplanes, while it is still in need of further fortification, and a team of Russian experts had arrived to explore its readiness and to check what is needed to develop and use it.



Mezze airbase is out of the Russian plan to use it as an airbases for launching the Russian warplanes so the they can target the rebel and Islamic Factions and the “Islamic State”, this happened after the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them failed to secure the perimeter of the airbase near Darayya in the Western Ghouta, despite the intense bombardment by helicopters using barrel bombs, in an attempt to expand its control in the vicinity of Mezze Airport.



And the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published at the beginning of December 2015, that Russian forces are expanding al-Shayrat military Airport, in the southeastern countryside of Homs city, in addition to fortifying it more, in order to use it to launch the Russian warplanes, and the sources confirmed to the observatory that the Russian Air Force are using al-Shayrat military Airport as a base for launching the Russian planes to participate in the operations in the vicinity of Palmyra and its countryside, and in the continuous clashes in the southeastern countryside of Homs, between the “Islamic state” organization against the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them.



Also the observatory published in the middle of November 2015, that Hmaimim airport or what is known as “Basil al-Assad International Airport” is closed by the regime authorities and those who are in charge of the airport, the sources confirmed to the observatory that the newly created part of Hmaimim airport is being used by Russian warplanes to takeoff and land, to bomb the Syrian areas.