The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More casualties in raids on areas at the countryside of Idlib near the Syrian–Turkish border and the regime forces target Al-Quneitra countryside

Idlib Province:
It rose to 8 (a child, 3 persons from Palmyra area, a commander of a checkpoint belong to rebel faction and other fighters) the number of people who were killed in the raids which was carried out by warplanes believed to be Russian on areas in the outskirts of Sarmada town near the Syrian–Turkish border and the area of a checkpoint for the Islamic factions near Bab al-Hawa border crossing.


Al-Quneitra Province:
The regime forces targeted sing heavy machineguns fire areas in the towns of MasHara, Western al-Samadanya and al-Hamidiyyeh in the mid-sector countryside of Al-Quneitra, no information about casualties.