The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Casualties in clashes between factions in al-Dmir city and clashes between two factions in the countryside of Daraa

Rif Dimashq Province:
Regime’s helicopters dropped more barrel bombs on areas in the city of Darayya in the Eastern Ghouta, while fighters from an Islamic faction was killed during clashes against the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them in al-Marj area in the Eastern Ghouta, also the regime forces opened heavy machineguns fire on areas in the road connecting the villages of Ifrah and Deir Meqren in Wadi Barada, while a citizen was  injured in a gunfire at al-Abbasyya area in Khan al-Sheikh at the Western Ghouta, also it rose to 6 (including a judge and his sister and other fighters) the number of those who were killed during the clashes that took place today in the city of al-Dmir which is located to the east of the capital Damascus, between rebel and Islamic factions against Tahrir al-Sham Brigade which is close to the “Islamic State” organization.


Daraa Province:
A person was killed by a gunshot on the neighborhood of Tariq al-Sadd in Daraa, while the regime forces shelled areas in the towns of Karak and Sheikh Meskin in the countryside of Daraa, amid bombing by warplanes believed to be Russian on areas in the town of Sheikh Meskin, no information about casualties, also intersecting sources reported the activists of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that clashes are taking place between rebel battalions against Jaysh al-Asha’er (The Army of the Clans) in the eastern countryside of Daraa, after Jaysh al-Asha’er accused the rebel battalions of abducting a children of a commander in Jaysh al-Asha’er, and in the clashes a fighter at least was killed, also clashes continue between both parties accompanied by an explosion in the town of Smad, believed to be caused by an explosion at the house of a commander in Jaysh al-Asha’er.