The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

10 casualties so far in the raids which targeted Kafer Takharim and 3 casualties and other injuries in warplanes’ bombing on a village in the countryside of Hasaka

Idlib Province:
It rose to 10 including a child and two women at least (and two an-unidentified persons) the number of people who were killed in bombing by warplanes believed to be Russian targeting areas in Kafer Takharim town in the northwestern countryside of Idlib, also the sound of an explosion was heard in the Obin area caused by a landmine explosion which injured a child.


Al-Hasaka Province:
Two children and a man were killed, and others were injured in the bombing by warplanes believed to be for the international coalition, targeted areas in Ajajah village which is controlled by the “Islamic state” in the southern countryside of Al-Hasakah.