The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More casualties in the raids that targeted Kafr Takharim in the countryside of Idlib and clashes in the northern countryside of Homs

Homs Province:
Clashes continued in the areas of Snisl and al-Mahatta in the northern countryside Homs between the regime forces supported by NDF and gunmen loyal to them against the rebel and Islamic Factions, in conjunction with mutual shelling between both parties, and information about casualties in their ranks, while a person died today affected by injuries he had two days ago in the two explosions which took place at al-Settin Street in the neighborhood of Zahra in Homs city, which is the home of majority of Alawite citizens, one of the explosions caused by a booby trapped vehicle and the other one was caused by an “Islamic State” member when he detonated himself up using an explosive belt.


Idlib Province:
It rose to 15 at least (including at least 3 unidentified persons, a woman and two of her daughters, 2 other citizen women and boy under the age of 18) the number of people who were killed in bombing by warplanes believed to be Russian targeted areas in the town of Kafr Takharim in the western countryside of Idlib yesterday, also the regime forces launched several rocket shells areas in the town of Bdama in the countryside of Jisr al-Shughur city, which caused injuries and some of them are in critical situations.