The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The joint government of al-Jazira District warns Turkey not to enter their areas near the border again and that they will respond to the assault and will defend themselves

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received a copy of the statement issued by the joint government of al-Jazira District in which they said that Turkey tried to enter villages and areas which are at the Turkish-Syrian border in order to seize the land, which they considered as a violation for the international law, they also said that they have been trying to be patient against the Turkish attacks because they do not want any escalation, tension or confrontation between them and the Turkish state, and that they respect the international borders, they asked the international community to put pressure on the Turkish state to stop the trespassing but the Turkish state insists on this hostile situations, especially that they are shooting in the direction of their areas and defenseless people.

So they appeal the United Nations and the international community and all human rights organizations to stand in the face of these attacks and to put pressure on the Turkish state to put an end to these violations and abuses which are against the UN Charter and international law.

And at the end of the statement, the joint government of al-Jazira District condemned and deplored these attacks and they said that if the attacks repeated by the Turkish army and they escalated their attitude -then- the joint government of al-Jazira District have the right to defend themselves and take the appropriate response, because they will defend their areas with all their might and capabilities to maintain the security of their people and stand against all attacks from any party whatsoever”