The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The Turkish bombardment renewed on Tal Rifaat

Aleppo Province:
The Turkish forces renewed the shelling on areas controlled by The Syrian Democratic Forces in Tal Rifaat area and its surroundings by several shells, the Turkish forces also shelled today Menagh area and the village Malkiyyeh and elsewhere in the countryside of Azaz city north Aleppo province, but no information about casualties, also four people killed (three of them are citizen women of Palestinian nationality) by gunshot at the Syrian–Turkish border, and activists accused the Turkish border guards of opening fire and killing them about three days ago, while under the supervision of a team of the Red Crescent, a prisoner exchange operation took place in the northern countryside of Aleppo, where a prisoner from al-Quds al-Filastini Brigade captured more than three years ago by a rebel faction was exchanged, but it is unknown in exchange for what he was released.