The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Within 72 hours… US-led International coalition’s warplanes kill 38 civilians in the countryside of Al-Hasakah

Al-Hasaka Province:
it rose to 38 at least the number of civilians whose death was documented by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in the southern and southwestern countryside of Al-Hasakah due to bombing by the US-led International Coalition’s warplanes since the 16th of this month until the dawn of today, and within the total casualties are 3 children and 2 citizen women, all were killed in the airstrikes of the Coalition on Shaddadi city and al-Jayer area at the outskirts of Mount Abdulaziz in the southwestern countryside of Al-Hasakah and the villages of al-Hlil, al-Hadidiya and Trikhm in the southern countryside of Al-Hasakah, also 35 member of the “Islamic State” organization were killed during the bombing of the international coalition’s warplanes on their sites southwest of al-Hool town in which 26 member of them were killed, while the rest were killed in the Coalition’s airstrikes on the southern countryside of Al-Hasakah, also fierce clashes continue in the countryside of al-Hool town between the Syrian Democratic Forces against the “Islamic state” organization in the southwest al-Hool area in the southeastern countryside of Al-Hasakah, amid advancement for the Syrian Democratic Forces in the area and controlling more villages, rising to 8 villages and two areas, the number areas and villages controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces since the start of the offensive yesterday, while the are trying to reach Shaddadi city and take control of it.