The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Cutting main supply roads for the “Islamic state” from Shaddadi to Al-Raqqah and Mosul (in Iraq), and the Coalition continues striking intensely after killing 38 civilians.

The Syrian Democratic Forces achieved a strategic advancement, and members and leading figures in the “Islamic State” organization are moving their families to Deir Ezzor

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Violent clashes are still taking place near al-Hool town and at the southwestern and southern countryside of Al-Hasakah city between The Syrian Democratic Forces against the “Islamic State” since the midnight of the 16th of February, where The Syrian Democratic Forces were able today to advance and control seven sites and villages used to be controlled by the “Islamic State” organization, including the gas station near al-Hool, also these forces managed to achieve a strategic advancement which is taking over the main road connecting Shaddadi to Mosul (in Iraq), and Shaddadi to Al-Raqqah, they also monitored the near roads by firearm, closing the road in the face of the organization members who are in Shaddadi city, forcing them to take minor roads or retreat towards Deir Ezzor province which the organization controls most of it, while members from the organization are still in control of the villages south of Mount Abdulaziz and west of the area which the Syrian Democratic Forces cut the road of Al-Raqqah – Shaddadi, allowing the organization’s members who are still in these villages to withdraw towards Al-Raqqah.

Meanwhile Shaddadi city witnessed massive airstrikes carried out by the US-led international coalition’s warplanes which support the Kurdish units, the airstrikes targeted several areas and schools in the city which is inhabited by displaced citizens, and preliminary information reported injuries and casualties due the airstrikes, where the bombing by the US-led International Coalition’s warplanes since the 16th of this month have killed 38 civilians including 3 children and 2 citizen women, and also killed 35 member from the “Islamic state” organization when they targeted southwest of al-Hool town and the southern countryside of Al-Hasakah, also 2 fighters at least from The Syrian Democratic Forces were killed.

also sources reported to the activists of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that members and leaders in the “Islamic State” have moved their families over the past days from Shaddadi city and its countryside to its controlled areas in Deir Ezzor province, fearing the bombing of the coalition and that The Syrian Democratic Forces may control Shaddadi city, which is one of the most important strongholds for the organization in Al-Hasaka province.