The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

YPG commander order an immediate investigation for a pictures of fighters wearing “uniforms of the Kurdish units” after “insulting the sanctity of worship places”

Leadership sources in YPG informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the general command of the Kurdish units Sipan Hemo issued orders to form an investigation committee right away to validate the images which the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received copies of them, a man and a girl appeared dressed as YPG fighters and they are inside a mosque, and leadership of YPG ordered the Committee to open an immediate investigation to identity both of the man and the girl in these pictures, to bring them to trial and held them accountable, because of what the leadership of YPG said was: “entering to a house of the house of ALLAH, acting silly, irresponsibly, shamefully and disgracefully is something against our morals and culture of respecting all religions and worship places” and it is inconsistent with the “culture and morals of YPG in respecting religions and the places of worship”