The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Mosques closed in the Eastern Ghouta after intensive raids which killed and injured more than 25 people

Rif Dimashq Province:
It rose to 5 at least (a citizen woman, man and two of his children and the child of his brother) the number of people who were killed in the city of Douma when warplanes believed to be Russian carried out about 30 raid on areas in city, Ein Tarma and elsewhere in al-Marj and in the Eastern Ghouta, and the death toll is expected to rise because there are more than 20 injured people and some of them are in critical situation also there are information about people missing under rubble of buildings collapsed due to intense airstrikes by the warplanes, while Friday prayers were canceled today in most of the mosques in Douma and in the Eastern Ghouta as a result of intensified bombardment and airstrikes by warplane since the morning on these areas, while the regime forces launched missiles believed to be ground-to-ground on areas in the city of Darayya, no information about the casualties, also warplanes believed to be Russian carried out four raids on medical center area in the town of Deir al-Asafir in the Eastern Ghouta, accompanied by shelling by helicopters on the same area which injured five medics, also warplanes believed to be Russian bombed areas on the outskirts of Zamalka city in the Eastern Ghouta, no information about injuries.