Barrel bombs on Hama and violent clashes in Lattakia countryside • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Barrel bombs on Hama and violent clashes in Lattakia countryside


Hama province: the helicopters dropped barrel bombs yesterday night onto areas in the town of Morek in the northern countryside of Hama with no information about casualties up till now. And the helicopters also struck by barrel bombs the area which is located between the town of Kamhana and Taybat Al Imam as well as places in Al zewar in the northern countryside with no casualties. Areas in the towns of Akrab and Talf in the southern countryside were exposed to bombardment by the regime forces.
Lattakia province: violent clashes took place yesterday night between the regime forces supported by NDF, pro-gunmen from different Arabian and foreign nationalities and the Syrian Resistance for the liberation of Iskenderun district against Jabhat Al Nusra, Jonud Al Sham, Ahrar Al sham movement, Sham Al islam Movment, Ansar Al Sham and several Islamic battalions in the vicinity of 45 tower and the village of Al Samra, accompanied with shelling from the regime forces on areas in the town of Kasab. The Islamic battalions targeted gatherings of the regime forces in the town of Ra’as Al besit with information about casualtien among the regime troops.
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