The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The arrival of more than 100 kidnapped workers to the city of al-Dumayr and its airbase

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was informed by several reliable sources that 100 people at least from al-Badiyah Cement Plant workers who were abducted from the northeastern countryside of al-Dumayr, have arrived to the town of al-Dumayr and its airbase, and it is believed that all abductees are in areas beyond the control of the “Islamic State” organization, it all happened after the successful mediation by the elders in the areas of Dumayr and Jayrud in al-Qalamoun to release those 170 workers, also the Syrian observatory for human rights received information reported that the factory guards and the gunmen loyal to the regime from the members who used to protect the area will not be released, and the information also reported that they will have a trial “in accordance with Islamic Sharia”