The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

19 Islamic fighters killed by clashes against ISIS yesterday

Aleppo province: The ISIS took hold of the Tallat Bahouta area which lies near the al-Ra’i town last night after violent clashes with islamic and rebel fighters which led to the death of at least 19 rebel and islamic fighters and to their retreat from the area along with ISIS military reinforcements in the Minbej city. Regular forces launched a rocket after midnight on parts of the Masaken Hananoneighbourhood. Violent clashes broke out between fighters from the al-Muhajireen Wal Ansar army, al-Nusra front and islamic battalions from one side and regular forces, NDF combatants, al-Quds al-Filastini brigade, non-Syrian pro-regime militants, and Hezbollah fighters from the other in the perimeter of the air intelligence branch in al-Zahra’ neighbourhood with reports of human losses from both sides, amid aerial gunfire on the area and other areas in the al-Jandoul and Ba’idin neighbourhoods. 2 shells fell after midnight on the province, 1 on the al-Qal’aji square in the al-Neel street and 1 on the regime-held al-Achrafiya neighbourhood. The airforce dropped explosive barrels on the al-Leirmoun area last night and on parts of the Bani Zeid neighbourhood and al-Sakan al-Shababi area which led to several injuries. The airforce opened gunfire with heavy machine-guns on parts of the al-Mansoura and Mar’ towns.