The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Despite the alleged truce and the data of De Mistura; 3116 were killed during the second month of it.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented death of 3116 people, during the month of April 2016, and were casualties distributed as following:



Civilians casualties:
859, including 143 persons under the age of 18, and 118 citizen women above the age of 18 were killed also follows:
– 410 including 61 children and 56 citizen women killed in raids by Syrian and Russian warplanes and regime’s helicopters on several areas of Syria, and
– 113 including 23 children and 20 citizen women killed in shelling by the regime forces and using rocket and artillery shells, and missiles believed to be ground-to-ground and snipers, and
– 28 men were killed under torture in Syrian security prisons, and
– 13 men including a young man were killed by the airstrikes of the International coalition’s warplanes, and
– 162 including 37 children and 27 citizen women were killed in targeting and mortar shells launched by the rebel and Islamic factions on the city of Aleppo and several other areas in Rif Dimashq, Hama and Idlib countryside, and
– 40 including a citizen woman executed by the “Islamic state”, and
– 3 executed by Shuhada’a al-Yarmouk Brigade and Jabhat al-Nusra , and
– 14 including a child and a citizen woman killed by the gunshot of the Turkish and Jordanian border guards, and
– 11 including three children and a citizen woman died due to poor sanitary conditions and the lack of treatment, and
– 39 including 12 children and 10 citizen women killed by targeting and shelling by the “Islamic State” on areas in the provinces of Deir Ezzor and Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria, and
– 5 including a citizen woman killed in the land of shells and gunfire from the Syrian Democratic Forces in the provinces of Al-Hasakah and Aleppo, and
– 21 including 9 children and a citizen woman killed in different circumstances like unidentified gunfire, explosions, landmines and unknown circumstances.



Fighters from the rebel and Islamic Factions and The Syrian Democratic Forces of Syrian nationality: 524



Persons defected from the regime forces: 3



The regime forces: 490



Members from the popular committees, NDF, and gunmen loyal to the regime of Syrian nationality: 395



Hezbollah fighters: 18



Fighters loyal to the regime of non-Syrian nationalities, most of them belong to the Shiite community: 87



Unidentified persons: 4



Fighters from the Islamic and rebel factions, the “Islamic state”, Jabhat Al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Levant), The Army of al-Mohajereen and al-Ansar and the Islamic Turkestan Party of non-Syrian nationalities: 736



We, in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, and with the continued daily killing of the sons of the Syrian people, despite more than two months of the alleged truce, we call Mr. Staffan de Mistura International –the United Nations’ special envoy for Syria crisis–  to work in earnest, with the active parties in Syria, the United States of America and Russia to really activate the truce and stop the daily blood shedding in Syria, otherwise he should resign from his position, due to his failure to achieve peace in Syria, because the blood and lives of the Syrian people are not just words in a condemning statement published in the media.