The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Complete control of Shaer field kills 50 people in 3 days of fierce clashes

Homs Province:
The “Islamic state” was able to take full control of Shaer gas field, after fierce clash for the past 3 day in a row, after an attack by the organization on field in the eastern countryside of Homs, and the clashes resulted killing 34 members from the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them, while 16 members at least from the organization’s members were killed in the same clashes, including two who blew themselves up in 2 booby trapped vehicles, the regime forces are desperate to regain control of the field, where the vicinity of the field witnessed clashes between the organization against the regime forces, and the clashes were accompanied by bombing by warplanes and helicopters on the clashing areas, also the regime forces shelled this morning places in al-Houla area, accompanied by opening fire of heavy machineguns on places in the area .