New details in the German, American and French forces support for The Syria Democratic Forces in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

New details in the German, American and French forces support for The Syria Democratic Forces in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo

Violent clash are still taking place for the 16th day in a row between the Joint Arab – Kurdish forces in The Syria Democratic Forces against the “Islamic State” in the southern and the northern areas of Manbij city and its vicinity, in an attempt by The Syria Democratic Forces to advance further and get to the entrances Manbij city, which the organization’s members are trapped within it, after cutting-off the roads during the past few days which connect the city and the towns and nearby villages, amid intensive shelling by the Syria Democratic Forces targeting positions for the “Islamic State” in the eastern neighborhoods of Manbij city north of Aleppo province, in conjunction with the bombing of warplane for locations and positions of the organization in the western areas of the city, and there were no information about the size of casualties so far, while the Syria Democratic Forces got families out of al-Shoraqli village in the countryside of Manbij, to safe areas following the organization’s targeting for areas in the village.


It should be noted that a special German, American and French forces, are taking part with The Syria Democratic Forces in its offensive against the organization in Manbij, where the German forces -which are estimated at about 50, including about 20 military advisers- are helping in the tasks of mine dismantling and in the technical and consultant services, also the US and French troops are taking part in the second line of the front.


It is worth mentioning that the continued clashes, bombardments, and the airstrikes of the international coalition since the 31st of May 2016 and until today have killed 274 members at least from the “Islamic state”, including non-Syrian field commanders and the Sharia Official of Manbij city, also it rose to 29 the number of fighters from the Syria Democratic Forces who were killed in the same clashes, while it rose to 19 the number of civilian killed by the “Islamic state”, they are 3 children brothers, a woman and another woman and her son and daughter; they were killed by shelling by the “Islamic State” on the village of Khirbet al-Rous in the southern countryside Manbij, and two young men were killed in a landmine explosion, the landmine was planted by members from the organization in the village of Um Safa, and a woman and two of her sons and their wives and two children as well as another woman; were targeted by members from the organization north of Manbij city, also 49 people were killed, including 16 children and 10 citizen women and eight prisoners, they were killed in bombing by the warplanes of the international coalition on Manbij city and its surroundings and the village of Ojaqnah and other areas in the countryside of the city, while about 1200 people managed to flee Manbij city which is controlled by the “Islamic state”, where they arrived to areas controlled by the Syria Democratic Forces in the vicinity of the city.

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