The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

At least 56 casualties -including children- in bombing by the international coalition’s warplanes at the northern countryside of Manbij


The death of 56 civilian citizens was confirmed, they were killed in a massacre carried out by the airstrikes that targeted areas in the northern countryside of Manbij, among the total number of casualties there are at least 11 children under the age of 18, the massacre also resulted in the injury of tens of others, some of them are in dangerous situations, the locals accused the warplanes of the international coalition of targeting the area which is witnessing violent clashes and hit-and-run clashes between The Syria Democratic Forces against the “Islamic state”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had publish yesterday that it rose to 104, including 29 children, 16 citizen women and 8 prisoners, the number of Syrian civilian casualties who were killed by the international coalition’s warplanes in the city of Manbij and its surroundings since the 31st of May 2016.