The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Tens of air raids target Aleppo city and its outskirts along with the violent clashes in Leiramon

Aleppo Province:
Clashes continued after midnight yesterday between the rebel and Islamic Factions against the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them in the area between Bani Zeid and Leiramon north of Aleppo, amid of an attempt by the regime forces and the militiamen loyal to them to advance in the area, and information about casualties among both parties, while warplanes carried out after midnight yesterday intensive raids on areas in Leiramon, the vicinity of Castello, the outskirts of al-Mallah farms and elsewhere in the neighborhoods of al-Zebdiyyeh, AL-Mashhad, Bani Zaid and the Outskirts of Jam’eyyat al- Zahra’a neighborhood west of Aleppo city and Handarat camp and al-Jandoul north of Aleppo, accompanied by the fall of a missile believed to be ground-to-ground on a place in Bani Zaid neighborhood, while the warplanes bombed after midnight yesterday areas in Karm al-Jabal neighborhood the city of Aleppo which caused injuries, also  warplanes opened the fire of heavy machineguns on areas in neighborhoods of al-Shaar and al-Sakhur Aleppo, also a shell fell launched by the factions landed on area in the Meridian neighborhood which is under the control of the regime forces in Aleppo, resulting in physical damage, also after midnight yesterday several shells launched by the rebel and Islamic Factions and fell on regime forces’ controlled areas in Shihan area and Nile Street, accompanied by the fall of several explosive bullets over areas in al-Qal’aaji Square in Aleppo, while areas in the town of Banan and al-Manater village in the southern countryside of Aleppo had an aerial bombardment after midnight yesterday, no information about casualties.