The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More than 11500 civilian citizens including about 4200 children and citizen women killed by Russian warplanes and regime’s warplanes and its barrel bombs


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented 60989 raids at least, carried out by Bashar al-Assad’s regime warplanes and helicopter in 21 months from the 20th of October 2014 until the dawn of today the 20th of July 2016. The barrel bombs and raids targeted hundreds of farms, communities, towns, villages and cities in Syria, in most of the Syrian provinces.


Where the Syrian Observatory was able to document dropping 33894 barrel bombs by regime’s helicopters, they were dropped over several areas in the provinces of Damascus, Rif Dimashq, Aleppo, Al-Hasakah, Hama, Daraa, Latakia, al-Suwaidaa, Homs, Al-Quneitra, Deir Ezzor and Idlib.


The Observatory also documented 27095 raids at least carried out by the regime’s warplanes, their missiles targeted several areas in the provinces of Damascus, Damascus, Aleppo, Idlib, Latakia, al-Suwaidaa, Homs, Quneitra, Daraa, Hasaka, Deir Ezzor, Al-Raqqah, Hama.


Also the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of 8953 civilian citizens, they are 1911 person under the age of eighteen, 1263 citizen women over the age of eighteen and 5779 man, all were killed by warplanes and helicopters dropping barrel bombs and using rockets and heavy machineguns, in addition to the killing, they also injured about 47000 other civilians, and displaced tens of thousands of citizens, the raids and airstrikes also resulted in mass destruction of both public and private property, and considerable material damage in several areas.


The raids, airstrikes and bombing also resulted in to the death of at least 4964 fighters from the rebel and Islamic factions, Jabhat Al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Levant), the “Islamic state”, the Islamic Turkestan Party and several other factions. The raids, airstrikes and bombing also injured thousands of others.




Also the Russian warplanes killed 7210 persons since the end of September 2015, and the casualties are as follows:


–2600 Syrian civilian citizens and they are:
                  632 persons under the age of 18
                  390 citizen woman over the age of 18
                  1578 male over 18


– 2491 members from the “Islamic state”, and;


– 2199  fighters from the rebel and Islamic factions and Jabhat Al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Levant) and the Islamic Turkestan Party and fighters from Arab and foreign nationalities.



We in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and through publishing the documented statistics of human losses, which the civilian Syrians are their main victims due to the military operations in Syria, in addition to documenting the war crimes and the crimes against humanity which are continuously committed in Syria, we are also seeking to send a message to the international community, carried through the cries and pain of the Syrian people, perhaps these shocking statistics, cries and pain may move the conscience of this community to act for the immediate sopping of the ongoing murders against the Syrian citizens, and to bring the criminals to the specialized international courts, so they get their punishment.