The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The number of casualties of al-Ghandour massacre at the countryside of Manbij rises; it was carried out by the international coalition’s warplanes

it rose to 28, including a citizen woman and seven children at least, the number of people who the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights managed to documented, they were killed when the warplanes of the international coalition committed a massacre in the town of al-Ghandour in the northwestern countryside of Manbij city east of Aleppo province, where the warplanes targeted areas in the town of al-Ghandour, which is more than 23 kilometers away from Manbij city, and the death toll is expected to rise because there are some people in critical situation, also SOHR received information that 13 other people were killed in the same bombing, but they were not identified yet, and it is unknown whether they were civilian citizens or members from the “Islamic state”.