The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Continued clashes on Many fronts of Aleppo

Aleppo province: Clashes continue between regime forces and rebels backed by Fath al-Sham front and non-Syrian militants around the project 1070 apartments south of al-Hamdania neighborhood, rebels were able to take control and advance in the area amid heavy bombardment by regime forces and mutual bombardment from both sides. Aerial bombardment targeted areas of Khan Toman, al-Rashdin, al-Hekma school, al-Qarasi, Khan al-Assal, and al-Mansoura, no reports of losses. Clashes continue between regime forces and rebels around the hills of al-Jamiat and al-Ameria, and around the school of Hekma, Moota hill, the missiles battalion. Clashes also took place in Hendarat camp. A media activists was wounded by regime sniper in Aleppo city. Explosive barrels targeted al-Shaar neighborhood. IS clashed with regime forces around Khenaser road in the southern eastern countryside.