The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Asayish issues a circular about the conditions to enter the areas of democratic self-administration

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received a copy of a circular issued by the internal Kurdish security forces “Asayish” regarding the entry of citizens and vehicles to their control areas, it says:
“To all brother citizens in the provinces of Rojava:: the following decisions issued by the General Command of Rojava Asayish forces are must comply with, in order to preserve public and private safety, and the decisions are as follows:


  1. In cases of necessity, the residents of the nearby areas of the three provinces can visit the provinces based on a personal sponsorship by one of the province’s citizen which will be visited and in coordination with Asayish forces.


  1. The activation of a special system for the transport vehicles that pass within the territory of any province of Rojava, which is the accompanying system, where each transport car will be accompanied by a member of Asayish until the car gets to the exit gate of the province.


  1. All displaced people arriving from areas controlled by mercenaries and hot clashing areas to Rojava areas, must cooperate with Asayish forces that will show full cooperation, and will be sent to the camps that were prepared to them, and provide them the protection they need.


  1. The drivers of the big trucks loaded with goods must go to the dump yards prepared by Asayish forces at the entrance to each province, and the big trucks of any kind are prevented to enter cities and towns of the three provinces.


  1. The drivers of medium and small trucks are allowed to get access to the cities from nine o’clock in the evening until five o’clock in the morning, and are prevented to entre outside of these times.


  1. Each truck no matter what kind it is, small, medium or large, will be detained and the driver will be arrested, if it was not registered with the Vehicle Registration Directorate (the Department of Transportation formerly)”