The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Fath Aleppo operations room confirms the continuation of its campaign and securing anyone who intended to go to areas controlled by factions

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received a copy of a statement issued by “Fath Aleppo” operations room, in which they confirmed that their fighter will continue fighting to liberate Aleppo, in the battel of Malhamat Halab al-Kobra (The Grand Aleppo Epic), they also confirmed to the people of Aleppo that “as first commander the Prophet have done”;  anyone who enters his/her home is safe, and anyone who enters a mosque is safe, and anyone who enters a church is safe, and anyone who drops his weapon is safe, they also said that the people can choose to stay and fight or to flee, and that they only came to free the people from Assad and his allies and to achieve the goals of the revolution of freedom and dignity, finally they affirm that anyone who goes to the rebel areas is safe, and that thy will protect and secure him in full regardless of the affiliation or background, finally they noted that opening the road to the besieged neighborhoods in Aleppo city is only a step towards the liberalization of Aleppo especially and Syria generally.