IS executes 2 men from al-Sh'etat clan • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

IS executes 2 men from al-Sh’etat clan

Der-Ezzor province: 5 men killed by regime’s bombardment on al-Je’a village after midnight, reports of killing 2 others.
ISIS executed 2 men from al-Sh’etat clan, in the charge of al-Radda, after detaining them earlier in the eastern countryside of Der-Ezzor.
warplanes carried out 10 air strikes around ISIS HQs and checkpoints in al-Sena’a and al-Hejana areas near and around al-Bokamal city, civilians from the area reported to SOHR that roar of the warplanes and the intensity of the shelling are the same for the warplanes of the international coalition, which took place yesterday targeting the IS, Jabhat al-Nusra and several Islamic groups.
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