The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Coalition warplanes strike IS supply road near Ein al-Arab”Kobane”

Aleppo province: areas in Seren and the supply roads of IS 35 km away from Ein al-Arab “Kobane” were exposed to air strikes yesterday’s midnight, civilians from the area said that the warplanes came from the Turkish lands.
clashes taking place between ISIS and YPG in the southern western side of Ein al-Arab”Kobane” 10km away from the city, amid advances for ISIS in the southern side.
helicopters dropped explosive barrels on al-Mallah area near Hreitan town in the northern countryside of Aleppo, no reports of losses.
clashes took place after midnight between regime forces backed by Hezbollah and al-Bath battalions, against Jabhat al-Nusra and many Islamic battalions around the central prison of Aleppo and al-Brej area, accompanied by regime’s bombardment on the area and areas in Hendarat camp.