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Coalition warplanes kill 5 civilians in air strikes on oil refineries

Der-Ezor province: the warplanes of the international coalition targeted ::
– ISIS HQ in Mosbaq al-Son’ area in al-Myadin city yesterday’s midnight,
– oil refineries under control by the IS in al-Shebli in al-Myadin and Boqrus Badia.
– ISIS camp in al-Mazare’ in al-Myadin,
– ISIS HQ near Ein Ali in Badia al-Quria,
– ISIS checkpoint near Hajin town in the eastern countryside of Der-Ezzor,
– 2 vehicles carrying ISIS fighters in al-Hrejia village in Der-Ezzor northern countryside,
– an oil refinery belongs to a civilian around al-Ashara town.
what killed 14 fighters from ISIS and wounded others.
al-Hasakah province: the warplanes of the international coalition targeted ::
– 3 oil refineries in al-Houl area in the southern countryside of al-Hasakah, led to death of 5 civilians ( including a child and women ), reports of 2 others .
SOHR was informed that the aerial bombardment by the international coalition warplanes on al-Shadadi area in

 the southern countryside of al-Hasakah, killed 3 families of Syrian fighters in ISIS ( including children and women ).