The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Asayish forces release more members of the Kurdish parties

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received information that the internal Kurdish security forces “Asayish” released several detainees from the members of the Kurdish parties, of who were arrested in the past hours, without knowing the reasons for the detention, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published hours ago that the internal Kurdish security forces “Asayish” renewed the arrests in Amuda city north of Al-Hasakah province and in Afrin area in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo, where the Asayish forces arrested Anwar Naso the political committee member of the Kurdish YKT party, in addition to other members in the party, after earlier arresting the party’s secretary and president of the Kurdish National Council in Syria Ibrahim Berru and others from the Kurdish YKT party and the Kurdistan Democratic Party. Several Kurdish areas are witnessing sit-ins and protest carried out by supporters of the party and people most of them are citizen women, demanding the immediate release of those who were detained by Asayish, and confirmed information about releasing of Anwar Naso. And SOHR called those in charge at democratic self-management, and to the leadership of the internal Kurdish security forces “Asayish” to release all detainees of all parties detained by Asayish immediately, we also demand the release of all who have been arrested due to ideological differences with them, and we call on the Kurdish forces to stop arresting those who oppose their plans, visions or ideas.