The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ali Daqmeesh raises the number of children casualties in Aleppo city and its countryside to 100

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received information about the death of the child Ali Daqmeesh who is the brother of Omran Daqmeesh who was turned to a public opinion case, where several intersecting sources confirmed to the activists of the Observatory that the child Ali died affected by the wound he had when the warplanes bombed al-Qaterji neighborhood in Aleppo city 3 days ago, which back then killed 4 civilians and wounded several others, rising to 448 civilians, including 100 children under the age of eighteen and 55 citizen women over the age of 18, the number of people who the Syrian Observatory for human rights managed to document since the 31st of July until today the 20th of August 2016, and they are::
163 civilian casualties, including 27 children and 14 citizen woman killed by bombing of warplane and helicopters on the neighborhoods of Aleppo city, and 6 citizens killed in shelling by the regime forces on areas in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city controlled by factions, and 163 civilians casualties, including 49 children and 23 citizen women, they were killed when shells launched by factions landed on regime forces’ controlled areas in Aleppo city, as well as two citizens (one of them is a woman) killed in shelling by the factions on areas at Sheikh Maqsood neighborhood which is controlled by YPG in Aleppo city.


The Observatory also documented in the same period the death of 113 civilians citizen, including 24 children and 17 citizen women by the bombing of warplane and helicopters on several areas at western, southern and northern countryside of Aleppo, in addition to the death of a man by a sniper shot at the road of Aleppo – Afrin, and Kurdish activists accused the factions of shooting and killing him.


Also the regime’s air and missile strikes, the raids of the Russian warplanes and the fall of shells on Aleppo’s neighborhoods and countryside, have wounded hundreds of people; some of them are still critical situations.