The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Tens of trucks in a convoy of aid enter Harasta and an Islamic Brigade prevents entering and exiting the city

Rif Dimashq Province, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
The activists of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights were informed by several local sources that a convoy of about 30 trucks of aid entered into Harasta in the Eastern Ghouta, carrying logistic and humanitarian aid and medical supplies, while one of the Islamic Brigades which controls the city prevented people from getting in and out of the city during the process of entering the convoy of aid, no information about the reason of the ban, while the regime forces opened fire of heavy machineguns on areas in farms near the town of Douma, and on other areas in the vicinity of Muhammadiyah town, no information about casualties, the regime forces also shelled places in the vicinity of the Ayn al-Fijeh village in Wadi Barada.