The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Factions capture members from “Khaled Ibn al-Walid Army” in the western countryside of Daraa

Daraa Province, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
The factions managed to capture 4 members of Suhada’a al-Yarmouk Brigade who swore allegiance to the “Islamic State” and falls under “Khaled Ibn al-Walid Army”, in the town of Tasil in the countryside of Daraa while they were dressing like women, one of them was killed during capturing, also a regime forces’ defected major died affected by injuries he had during clashes against the regime forces in the countryside of Al-Quneitra, while areas in the town of Zmaren in the countryside of Daraa were shelled by the regime forces, no information about injuries yet, the regime forces also shelled areas in the town of Aqraba, while the regime forces opened heavy machineguns on areas in Yadudeh town, no information about the injuries.