The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More than 610 casualties including 217 children and citizen women in Aleppo city and its countryside were killed by the bombing during the first month of battles at the outskirts of Aleppo city

The battles are still taking place since the 31st of July 2016 until today on the outskirts of Aleppo city, after violent and widespread attack which was carried out by the rebel and Islamic factions, Fath al-Sham Front, the Islamic Turkestan Party and Uzbeks fighters at the end of July, on the southern and southwestern outskirts of Aleppo city which enabled them to control of the Artillery Battalion, Technical Air School and other Faculties and military locations near Aleppo city, in addition to parts of the 1070-apartment project, and the factions managed to open a corridor connecting the Faculties area and the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, after surrounding the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo by the regime forces and closing the Castello road, this attack imposed a besiege on the western neighborhoods of Aleppo which are controlled by the regime forces, after controlling al-Ramouseh by the factions which is the only road for those neighborhoods to other areas of Syria, that’s when the regime forces used a new road; Khanasser – al-Castelo Handarat – al-Mallah – Sheikh Najjar and down of the western neighborhoods of Aleppo, the aerial bombardment by the Russian and regime’s warplanes, artillery and missile shelling and the fall of shells on areas in the eastern and western neighborhoods of Aleppo have resulted in the death of hundreds of people and also injured hundreds of others.


Where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented since the 31st of July until today the 31st of August 2016 the death of 613 civilians, including 139 children and 78 citizen women, they are: 221 civilians including 48 children and 24 citizen women were killed by bombing of the warplanes and helicopters on the neighborhoods of Aleppo city, and 7 civilians were killed in artillery and missile shelling by the regime forces on areas in the neighborhoods controlled by the factions at the eastern section of Aleppo city, and 178 civilians including 53 children and 25 citizen women were killed when shells launched by the factions at regime forces’ controlled areas in Aleppo, as well as two citizens one of them is a woman were killed by the factions’ selling on areas at Sheikh Maqsood neighborhood controlled by YPG in Aleppo.


The Observatory also documented in the same period the death of 163 civilian citizens including 32 children and 22 citizen women, they were killed by the bombing of warplanes and helicopters on several areas in the western, southern and northern countryside of Aleppo province, in addition to the death of a man by a sniper shot at the road of Aleppo – Afrin; where Kurdish activists accused the factions of shooting and killing him.


Also 41 persons at least -including 6 children and 6 citizen women minimum- and 13 of them -at least- are from one family were killed in two massacres carried by the Turkish warplanes, when they targeted areas of Maghr al-Srisat and Jobb al-Kusa in the southern countryside of Jarabulus, while they were controlled by the Military Council of both Jarabulus and Manbij.


While the air and missile strikes, the raids of Russian and regime’s warplanes and shells’ falling at the neighborhoods of Aleppo city and the countryside have resulted in hundreds of injuries, some of them are still in critical situations.